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More About Me.

The Road that led me here

After completing my acting studies in Seattle, WA, I relocated to Los Angeles to partake in an intensive acting program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While pursuing an acting career in Hollywood, I began to explore the intersection of acting, expressive arts, and psychology. In 2014, I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology, and by 2016, I became a registered Drama Therapist. Furthering my knowledge and skills in the area related to poetry and healing, I obtained certification in poetry therapy in 2023.

After witnessing the power of creativity through my work in mental health, I now facilitate workshops in the broader community for those who are seeking places to explore, create, and connect with others. Whether it's engaging in creativity or fostering learning, communal gatherings have the potential to nurture growth, collaboration, and shared inspiration. In the realm of performance, being part of a creative community creates a supportive space for individuals to exchange ideas, offer mutual support, and collectively enhance their knowledge, skills, and ability to communicate ideas. Together, we can create meaning and positive change through creativity and performance.


Cynthia Holloway Kelvin PsyD, RDT, CPT  
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I have a passion for creating environments where creatives, healers, activists, artivists, and anyone championing the transformative power of art and creativity can unite. These spaces are designed for individuals who believe in the potential of art to foster growth, sustainability, and healing on both personal, communal, and planetary levels. It's a place to come together, connect, share, and inspire.

I understand the hurdles of carving out time and energy for creative pursuits while maintaining a practice of personal creative wellness. This practice should leave you feeling rejuvenated and deeply connected to yourself and others in a meaningful way. I invite you to join me in an upcoming workshop, and if you're interested in bringing a workshop to your community or circle of friends, please don't hesitate to reach out for more information.

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"What an incredible experience I had in Cynthia's workshop. Cynthia is so warm, inviting, and enthusiastic, and I felt that she was really invested in my personal growth. I learned so many unique and creative strategies that have helped me find my path! "

M.B. -Workshop Participant 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin


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