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Currently, all workshops are conducted Online. 

Creative Workshops

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Through the Senses

Ecopoetry is a term used to describe the intersection between ecology and poetry. It encompasses a broad range of approaches, from writing about nature and the environment to engaging with ecological issues and concerns in a more philosophical and critical manner. This course intends to create a sense of connection and kinship between humans and the natural world by engaging the senses through ecopoetry.

By exploring the beauty and complexity of the natural world through embodiment, we can use poetry to inspire readers to take action to protect and preserve it. We can also utilize it as a means of exploring our own relationship with nature, along with acknowledging anxieties about the uncertainty of what lies ahead.


In this course, participants explore different aspects of the environment through the senses. We will read the work of ecopoets and engage in reflective exercises and discussion. Participants will write in class and will be invited to share.



Acting with its roots in storytelling allows us to create or recreate realities in which we can combine our experiences with our creative imagination to capture our existence, both past, present, and future. Performance can serve as a mirror of the collective experience, a reflection of ourselves and the society in which we live. An exploration of evolving values, struggles, triumphs, hopes, and fears. Acting gives us a method to explore patterns, roles, and themes, making it both personal and political.

The actor's work harnesses both play and discipline, freedom and structure, drawing from imaginary and real sources. Acting helps us understand each other and ourselves through imaginative creative play. 

Exploring the roots of who you are through the work of the actor gives the artist permission to know oneself through creative self-inquiry. 

Becoming more present and aware of how your story is unfolding. 

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Performance Poetry for Social Activism 

Artists throughout time have used their words to raise awareness by making people stop and reflect, to illuminate the truth of what is being presented, and identify the changes needing to be made. You do not need to be a published playwright, poet, or have experience in sharing a personal story, just a desire to dive deep and access your authentic advocate voice through your willingness to engage in your creative process. This workshop utilizes creative activities, writing prompts, and supportive feedback to help participants develop pieces to enlighten and evoke change. 

Participants meet in person monthly and can engage in creative coaching between sessions. This process aims to give participants a chance to work outside of the group on their writing during the month, as well as seek one-on-one support to assist in overcoming any barriers in bringing their creations into form. 

Participants will: 

Cultivate poetic pieces for performance or the page

Clarify issues of concern and the solutions available

 Increase effective advocacy by making art that informs and inspires

Participants will receive support in continuing to develop material in a consistent creative practice while finding ways to overcome barriers to delivering their message.  

One on One
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EcoPoetry & Performance 

In this workshop, participants explore the natural world and the human relationship— both to the environment and our impact on it—using the language of Ecopoetry for spoken word performance. 


Ecopoetry is a genre of poetry highlighting the human impact on our ecosystems and all that interconnects to these systems. 

Ecopoetry is a way to process our awareness of the environmental changes occurring and respond through poetry.  Ecopoetry allows us to explore the environment from more of an embodied perspective.  In taking on various roles, we welcome nature speaking through us. 


Reading the works of ecopoets and engaging in embodied and mindfulness exercises, participants write from what they learn: recognize our responsibility through taking on other perspectives and listening to what is needed. By doing this, we may better understand how to expand our reach to anyone who will listen.  


This workshop combines poetry with performance, creating pieces that inspire action by raising awareness through a spoken word poetry performance.  


You do not need to be a seasoned poet or performer for this workshop; just be willing to engage in a playful discovery through words, movement, and sound.  

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Group Sessions
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Poetry for
Personal Growth

Poetry for personal growth utilizes poetry to explore your personal inner landscape to gain insight and awareness and inspire action to change or cultivate current strengths.


Each poem serves as a roadmap for identifying values, defining personal goals and desires, and claiming your personal power. 


Poetry allows us to reflect on what is and isn't working in our lives and find the language to create a new path. 

Explore past lessons and progress

Claim personal values, dreams, and desires

Identify aspects of the self   ​

Access strengths to cultivate the potential for increasing personal power

Develop your poetic style and consciously engage in a mindful writing practice

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Attending a creative retreat can be a great way to get inspired and refocus on your creative projects. Stepping away from your everyday environment and gaining a new perspective on your work. Some of the benefits of a creative retreat include:


Increased productivity: Taking some time away from your regular routine can help you to feel more focused and motivated to work on your projects.


Rejuvenation: A creative retreat can be a great way to take a break, relax, and restore your energy levels. You can come back feeling refreshed and energized.


Creative breakthroughs: A creative retreat can provide the perfect setting to work on your projects without distractions and to make significant breakthroughs.


Networking: Creative retreats can be a great opportunity to meet new people and make valuable connections.


Self-discovery: A creative retreat can help you to discover new things about yourself, such as your strengths, weaknesses, and genuine interests.

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